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The pratice

For two generations we have been representing and assisting victims of medical negligence, patients suffering side effects from medication and victims of accidents or illness.

We place particular importance on pre-trial investigation and clarification of the medical situation. For this we have access to more than 150 highly qualified expert witnesses of every conceivable medical specialism, all of them highly regarded in their field and many of them holding a professorship.

We see ourselves as trusted advisors and consultants to the victims of medical negligence – and their relatives – often for life. In the interest of our clients we always aim for an out-of-court settlement rather than embarking on a lengthy and stressful litigation process. However, where necessary we will also take a case to court and to appeal if required.

We exclusively represent the patients and victims in medical malpractice lawsuits. Claims are made against doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurances. Over the past 50 years we have handled more than 20,000 cases.